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Worried About Flood Insurance? Would You Really Need it?

Everyday we hear buyers and sellers talking about flood insurance on their Charleston real estate. But what’s the big deal? We all know lenders require flood insurance when their money is on the line… but do you really need flood insurance? What if your new Charleston Real Estate isn’t on Folly or IOP? What if you’re not even in a flood zone and you live in Summerville?

Well NOAA has just let the ink dry on their new Storm Surge Inundation website with an interactive map! That’s right, you can find your house on the map and see what would happen if a hurricane of varying degrees hit Charleston at high tide.

Flood Legend

This is what things would look like if a Category 1 Storm hit us:

Category 1 Storm

What about a Category 3 Storm:

Category 3 Storm

And most of us haven’t forgotten Hugo- this is what Charleston would look like if a category 5 storm came ashore:

Category 5 Storm

So when people ask us if Flood Insurance is something they need to worry about when buying Charleston Real Estate, we tell them YES!

Even if you don’t live in a flood zone and your mortgage company doesn’t require flood insurance a serious storm would cause massive flooding in Charleston.

Want to play with the interactive map on the NOAA website?


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