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Realtors fail to tell You

Top 20 Things Your Previous Charleston Real Estate Firm may have FAILED to tell You and what ChuckTown Homes Real Estate does different!

  1. The importance and benefit of a dedicated Charleston Real Estate Team versus a single agent.

    We are a Team of Charleston SC Realtors® committed to getting Your Home Sold. With a team You can assure that one of us is always available.

  2. How critical the number of pictures used in the marketing of Your home is.

    The National Association of Realtors® reports that homes with at least 10 pictures are viewed 83% more than homes without. We add the maximum number of pictures allowed for the MLS and each web site we advertise on.

  3. How certain photography equipment can drastically improve the salability of Your home.

    Our Charleston real estate team will use the latest advances in photographic equipment including High Def Digital SLR camera with ultra wide angle lens and advanced editing software to make your pictures AMAZE!

    Which Foyer do you think buyers want to see:

  4. That having Your home marketed on 5 or 6 websites is nowhere near enough in this new age of technology.

    ChuckTown Homes utilizes over 300 websites to Market Your Home.

  5. How to attract the highest percentage of Realtors to show Your home.

    We ensure that the commission offered to the Buyers’ agent is sufficient to give them the incentive to “Show” Your home.

  6. The importance of “effective” marketing in national and international real estate publications.

    Your Home will be featured on our Full Page ads in The Homes and Land Magazine and The Real Estate Book.

  7. How 24 hour recorded info about Your home will dramatically increase Your exposure.

    We utilize a 24 hour Toll Free number that allows buyers to hear FREE information about Your Home. Research has shown that people are 5 times more likely to call a toll free number than an agents’ cell phone. We instantly capture the callers’ number to call back and discuss Your Homes features and benefits, and to try and schedule a showing.

  8. How minor agent mistakes on the MLS can negatively impact how long Your home is on the market.

    We see listings everyday with the wrong: school info, taxes, subdivision name, number of bedrooms and baths, misspelled words, etc. These mistakes can cause Your Home to not even be seen by potential buyers on the MLS. We are extremely detail oriented to ensure mistakes do not occur.

  9. How an inexperienced or undisciplined agent can drastically reduce the number of prospective buyers that see Your home.

    Many agents will list Your Home today and add pictures or remarks tomorrow or later. This is a major mistake because agents have buyers set up on automatic listing emails that meet their particular criterias. Each night at midnight these clients are sent all the new listings that meet their criteria, if they receive a listing without pictures or remarks they will delete it. We ensure our pictures are uploaded within 30 seconds of adding Your listing to MLS.

  10. How critical Your position in the market is and how a $100 difference in price can make or break a sale.

    Prospective buyers usually search for homes in increments of $25,000 to $50,000. If Your Home is priced at $249,900 you will miss all of the people searching from $250,000-$300,000, which is why we will advise You to price at $250,000 even.

  11. That & Zillow (The world’s largest real estate websites) don’t work unless……

    You are a Featured Agent like we are. As a featured agent our listings are moved to the top of all searches. Our listings are also enhanced with multiple pictures, scrolling text, videos, and more.

  12. How a flyer describing Your home can actually reduce the number of buyers who call.

    Let’s say there is a buyer that has to have a 4 bedroom home and You have a 3 bedroom home. When that buyer reads Your flyer they will discard it and keep driving. We use the Call Capture system that allows us to capture each buyer’s number enabling us to call them back and tell them the benefits of Your Home. You may have a formal dining area that could be converted into a 4th bedroom.

  13. How the MLS description and features of Your home written incorrectly could reduce Your homes exposure.

    When buyers’ agents search for homes for their clients they use different search criteria to help narrow down the number of listings they send to their clients. We ensure that every detail of Your Home that may be on a search is listed, for example, some buyers’ may want a fenced yard and use that as a search criteria, if Your agent failed to list that You have a fenced yard the client would not find Your Home.

  14. Their List to Sale price Ratio.

    Our List to Sale price Ratio is over 97% which means You do not have to price Your Home higher than what You are willing to take. We are master negotiators.

  15. Your neighborhood statistics such as: days on market and saturation rate.

    We will use these and other statistics to properly price Your Home then update You weekly on any changes.

  16. The importance of “Just Listed” postcards.

    We mail “Just Listed” cards to 100 of Your neighbors who may know of someone who wants to move into your neighborhood.

  17. The importance of choosing an Agent with a large client data base.

    As soon as we list Your Home, we e-mail over 1700 people in our database to let them know about Your Home.

  18. How Your agent’s education and experience can protect You from litigation.

    Real Estate and its Laws are constantly changing. Our Team is dedicated and committed to continuing education to ensure we have the knowledge to represent Your best interests.

  19. The importance of custom made Videos of Your home.

    We will videotape Your Home and upload to You Tube and many of our other websites for buyers to enjoy. Video is the new “Virtual Tour”.

  20. How subtle changes in price can bring You a new wave of potential buyers.

    Each time there is a price reduction the more than 3000 Charleston area Real Estate agents are notified via their daily “Hot sheet”. This will help “refresh” Your Home in their minds.

Our listings are continuing to Sell because of the previous 20 items. We want to Sell Your Home just as Fast as You do and will do everything in our power to get Your Home SOLD.

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