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Shawn Pillion of ChuckTown Homes Ranked #1 Buyer’s Agent in Charleston!!

As of today, Shawn Pillion was ranked the number one buyer’s agent in all of Charleston.
This is based on number of transactions on the selling side.

The screenshot below is from the statistics on the Charleston MLS today. So far this year 1353 agents have represented buyers that resulted in a closing. Of those agents, only 636 have sold more than one home…. and just 314 have sold more than two…. and only 102 have sold five or more. To put this into perspective, there are over four thousand licensed agents in the Charleston area.

Market Penetration By Agent

The first “agent” on the list is Non- Member, this entry represents licensed agents that are not members of the MLS lumped together as one. Entries 2 through 5 are agents that run “Real Estate Teams” that have multiple agents working under them and they take all the “credit” for subordinate agent’s closings- even though they did not actually sell the home.
ChuckTown Homes runs this sort of team system. Donald Russell and Jeremy Wilson are listing agents, while Shawn Pillion only represents buyers. Shawn heads up a team of two (soon to be three) buyer’s agents, Andrea Parler and Kevin Tripler. We do not believe in lumping everyone’s sales falsely under one agent for statistical reasons. However if we did this, Shawn Pillion would still be ranked the top buyer’s agent by far.

You may be asking yourself: How does Shawn do it? What makes him sell so many more homes than others?
The answer is simple: Shawn is plugged in to Charleston’s real estate market. He sees over 200 homes per month and works full time (70+ hours per week) for his buyers. Ever try to call a Realtor at 7:00pm? Try it and see what happens. The number one rule of Real Estate is: Be Present. Shawn answers the phone when buyers call.
Shawn also understands people. He is able to read buyers and understand their needs. With almost 10,000 active listings in Charleston, you need someone who can help you cut through all the over priced, obsolete, and distressed sellers.

If we analyze the stats above, buyers have an overwhelming chance of picking a Realtor that works with only a couple buyers per year. When it’s time to find your dream home and make the biggest purchase of your life make sure your agent has real experience in this market and the capacity to make your closing happen smoothly.

Call Shawn Pillion at 843/ 647.9711 if you would like him to represent you in your home purchase.

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