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Lunch at Taco Boy in Downtown Charleston

Donald, Jeremy, and Shawn ate lunch today at Taco Boy in Downtown Charleston. We were joined by fellow agents Lindsey Michael, Becky Johnston, Currie McCullough, and Krystal Martin.
Taco Boy is a very festive and vibrant Mexican Restaurant featuring fabulous tacos, quesadillas, and large assortment of margaritas!!!! They also have a Habenero Tequilla made in house!


Donald ate about 5 lbs of chips and enjoyed the shrimp quesadillas while Jeremy and Shawn devoured a wide selection of tacos including: fish, shrimp, chicken, and steak. We highly recommend Taco Boy when you are in the mood for Mexican fare looking for great service in a fun and lively setting.

taco boy

Taco Boy is locally owned and operated with locations downtown and at Folly Beach.

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