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Looking for a Real Estate Agent(Realtor) in Charleston, SC? Here are a few questions to be sure you find the right one!!

So…you are in the market for a World Class agent.
WAIT…before you call your sisters friends cousins brother and let him put a sign in your yard just because he is in real estate…READ THIS!!!

There are over 4,000 Real Estate Agents in Charleston, SC…

Through November of this year there are only 435 agents that have sold at least one home per month in 2010…

Less than 10% of Real Estate agents are making a living in Real Estate…be sure you find one that is!!! You do not want a new or part time agent…there are too many things that can go wrong in transactions these days…not to mention you need to hire someone that knows how to get your home to stick out more than the needle in a haystack that most homes are!!

Here is a very simple, short list of questions that should get ya started:

-How many homes did you or your team(NOT YOUR BROKER) sell last year?

-What marketing will you do for MY home? Do NOT let them skirt past this question and make them show you examples and hold them to it!!!

-What websites will you directly enter my home into?

-Are you a FEATURED agent on Prove it!

-Where did you come up with the price you are suggesting to sell my home at? DO NOT use an agent that will list your home at any price!!!!!

-How often will we hear from you once we are on the market? (Hold them to it)

-If we are not happy with our service during our listing but before a contract can we get released?(Have them write that guarantee in the listing agreement)

-Can I please see a list of your client testimonials?(of course, they won’t have any bad ones with them but you should be able to see a pattern with the good ones) You could even go a step further and ask for phone numbers for some of them!!

There are LOTS of other things to know about how to pick the correct agent…lots of little things that can be done wrong to minimize your chance of getting your home sold.

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Our “Top 20 Things” brochure can be found on our homepage at

See ya soon…Thanks…Jeremy Wilson, Owner/Realtor

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