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Best Deals on Christmas Trees in Charleston, SC

Okay…I know you are thinking why is there a blog on a Real Estate website about where to find the best deal on a Christmas Tree in Charleston, South Carolina. Well…it is because I spent 3 hours hunting one down the other night with my wife, son, and dog Jasper and I thought it may save someone else a little bit of time.

Not only will this possibly help you with where to find the best deal but also some things I became educated on during our journey!!

We made 5 stops…here ya go…

Stop 1: A friend of ours told us about a GREAT place to buy a tree near Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ off of Highway 61 so we headed that way and agreed that if we came across any other places on the way there we would stop. On the way we drove by a guy selling trees in the parking lot of Sofa Superstore and the DMV at the corner of Ashley River Rd(Hwy 61) and Wappoo Rd. I got out and my wife decided to stay in the truck with Jasper(big mistake which you will understand when I get to Stop 4). I walked around looking for a few minutes and told the guy I was looking for a 6-7 or 7-8 foot tree for a good deal. He showed me a few pretty nice trees and the prices. NOTE:We had set our budget at 60 bucks and were determined not to go over that. All of the trees in that range seemed to be priced around 50 to 60 bucks. Being the guy that I am I probably would have been happy just buying one of them and calling it a day. I told him we wanted to drive to a couple more places to see if there were any better deals and he said he could work with me and come down some. I said cool and that we may be back. He again said that he can really work with me. So we left.

Stop 2: We made it to the place we originally set out to next…Fiery Ron’s. Quick marketing 101 tip to all Christmas Tree Salespeople: All of the trees that were along the highway were very small, not so hot, looking trees and he had all the good trees in the back where you couldn’t see them from the road. We parked the truck and we all got out, even Jasper. None of us were really impressed AT ALL with the trees…and overall they were even more expensive than the last guy. Within 2 minutes we were all back in the truck and I was secretly praying for an end to the search in the very near future.

Stop 3: On a tip from someone, can’t remember who, we started on our way to Home Depot because we heard they had $30 trees. On the way we came across a guy selling trees in the Chik Fil A parking lot off of Glenn McConnell Parkway. You could tell this guy knew what he was doing…he had LOTS of trees, a camper, tents, a paid helper on standby ready to load up a tree, and I think even a cash register. We looked around a bit and saw plenty of great trees but they were all quite a bit more expensive than the first place…and we know that guy would negotiate. ANOTHER QUICK TIP…don’t bring a dog on a leash to a tree farm! They like to zig zag around the trees and get their leashes tangle up. Hard to focus on the right tree! The trees we liked were around 60-70 bucks and we told him we didn’t plan on spending that much. He told us he gives $5 off to repeat customers and he would be happy to extend that to us. He also said that his trees would last until April because they are freshly cut and immediately placed in water. Seriously…I am taking that thing down on January 2nd…do people really leave their tree up until April?? I was ready to give in and buy one though because I was pretty much done with tree shopping…but the wife prevailed, luckily, and we went on to Home Depot as our next stop despite the convincing argument of the sales guy that the trees at Home Depot were cut a long time ago and would probably catch on fire.

Stop 4: I guess luckily for us Home Depot was closed and we couldn’t buy one there. There were a few sitting outside with price tags on them which I…for a few seconds…without letting anyone else in the car know…contemplated throwing in the back of the truck to put an end to it all!! We sat in the parking lot for a few minutes and talked about what to do…it was all kind of a blur at this point…I probably would have paid someone at this point just to help us make a decision. I(I repeat, I) made the executive decision to go back to Stop Number 1 so we did…

Stop 5: This is the reason that it was a mistake for my wife not to get out on Stop 1…but…thinking back…even if she did we probably would have still gone to all of the other places…cause that’s how we do!! Long story short…we fell in love with a 6-7ft tree that was priced for, I think $56, and he gave to us for an even $50!! We are really happy with it and I am actually at peace with losing that 3 hours of my life!!

I hope this helps someone!!!

Thanks…Jeremy Wilson, Owner

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