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A New Starbucks in West Ashley- Good Karma for ChuckTown Homes Real Estate?

We here at ChuckTown Homes take a lot of pride in our quasi Avondale location and spend a lot of time patronizing the local bars and restaurants close to our World Headquarters on Savannah Highway. Sometimes that patronage takes on the form of lunch at Andolini’s- although admittedly it’s never our first choice. The convenience of walking right across the street trumps our better judgement of eating at a restaurant with facilities that are falling apart. Overlooking the crumbling facade, the employees are always nice and the pizza is great!

With such a killer location and a great product we have wondered why it looks like no one at Andolini’s is fixing up the building- and now we have our answer. Looks like the iconic red building with black awnings out front will be demolished soon- to be replaced by a shiny new Starbucks with a drive thru!


This rendering shows what our new view from the office will look like!

I think we share the excitement of our neighbors in seeing the Avondale area being revitalized. Here at ChuckTown Homes we are all excited about the future of walking across the street to get Starbucks coffee- although I think Jeremy is the most excited!

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